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Cambridge university is accredited because of the brand New England Commission of advanced schooling. The faculty and all sorts of its degree programs are authorized because of the Massachusetts Board of degree. The faculty is authorized to use and provide chosen degree programs within their states because of the Ca Bureau for Private Post-Secondary and Vocational Education, the Council on advanced schooling of Puerto Rico, and is particularly acknowledged by the Puerto Rico Department of Education.

“Our goal is make signing up to Cambridge university as easy and efficient as you can. At 1-800-829-4723 if you have questions regarding our programs, the application process, or the status of your application, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your lifetime experience is respected within our classrooms, and now we welcome one to Cambridge university. It really is our hope that your experience right right here will make you a socially accountable and personally fulfilling career. Let’s begin!”

Mark Rotondo
VP, Innovation & Strategic Initiatives

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“Receiving a scholarship has comforted me personally tremendously. This gift that is incredible permitted me personally to remain centered on my studies. We humbly give you thanks, many thanks through the base of my heart when I have always been therefore extremely grateful!”

Stacey Borden Holliday
B.S. Human Services
Susan Lowell Wales Dineen Scholar

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